Family Farm. Community Focus

Hi! We’re the Cameron Family.

We are first generation farmers, stewarding the land and cultivating community. We grow together to make sure the food and fiber we put on our table, and yours, is healthy and fresh.

2009 unofficially marked the start of our accidental path into farming and our farm has never been business as usual. As friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients alike became increasingly supportive of our stories from the farm, they began to share their own unique food-farm stories and histories, as well as their time, and energies in support of what we had begun. We quickly became engaged in a restorative-healing approach to land and food — one that honors the interconnectedness of us all. We officially started cultivating the land in 2014, regenerating the soil. We became students of permaculture, agroecology, and indigenous practices, incorporating ancestral knowledge and traditional wisdom into our lives, throughout soil, field, kitchen, and pantry. We soon began offering cultural, educational, and restorative experiences, in the form of tours, stays, workshops, classes, and other events. Today, our programs are designed to help individuals and families experience for the first time or reconnect with the land, and practice land-based skills while providing a space for healing and transformation and strengthening relationships with others.

Value-Driven Farming

We cherish creativity, growth, reflection, and play and these inform how we explore the spaces between food, fiber, culture, and community.


Living and learning in sync with the seasons and the land

By placing value on land-based work and arts, we grow together to (re)create our relationship with land, farming, and food as pathways for healing and wholeness. As a family, we practice love as an ethic of freedom and we uphold the point of view of abundance and overflow, rather than scarcity or lack, extending hospitality to a community interested in land-based living, work, education, and arts. We value honesty, respect, and integrity, and we foster space for self-directed learning. Through these values and hard work, we work to strengthen our family and cultivate community. We honor the dignity and rights of all people to access healthy food, and we cultivate healthy relationships between earth, self, and one another – infusing the philosophy of ubuntu throughout all we do.


Working to make a living without killing ourselves working

We balance work and life on the farm, using technology, efficient tools and processes to support, rather than replace, the quality and timing of natural systems. We aim to consistently operate a multi-faceted agri-business which allows us to explore ongoing opportunities and creative pursuits.


Honoring age old, regenerative farming traditions

As students of agroecology, ancestral and indigenous foodways, we’ve chosen to produce food and fibers naturally, without harmful chemicals or pesticides. From the soil up, we strive to maintain a healthy farm, integrating animals into our evolving ecosystem. We believe that with patience, care, and wisdom, the land is able to provide all that we need for us and for future generations.


As farmers, we seek to be integral and active members of our community.
We believe in supporting local food sovereignty and uplifting people’s humanity through our connections to food, land and culture.

Community Supported Agriculture empowers communities. We seek to organize our farm in such a way that we can support low and restricted income people easily access healthy, local food.

Intergenerational relationships and skill sharing is essential to the health and viability of a community.

Because we honor the knowledge of our ancestors and elders, we study to learn our communities’ histories. We work to uplift their voices and stories, and to learn from them as they inform us how to best do our work. We are committed to building a community based on the principles of: belonging, collective resilience, interdependence, and self-determination. These principles allow us to provide good food to all, including the most vulnerable among us. Farming and sharing our harvests with family, friends and neighbors strengthens our universal bonds. It breaks down barriers, connects our humanity and pushes us to become better versions of ourselves.

Agriculture and culinary practices reflect the identity of cultures and regions all around the world.

The need to feed and sustain ourselves is becoming more important than ever; a local diet, made available to everyone, is the best insurance for health and security. For environmental reasons we believe that it is imperative that local communities learn how to feed themselves by using their local and regional sources. Although short-term economics might make it cheaper to ship perishable produce across the country, we believe that in the long-term our planet and our communities will be healthier if they are able to rely on themselves for the majority of their food needs. We also know that locally grown food is fresher, nourishing, and tastes better!

Supporting agricultural markets & infrastructures enable small farms to thrive.

By building a network of support with regional growers/producers, we strive to buy our farm’s supplies and services from local vendors whenever possible, and this investment helps stimulate our local food economy. We are also intentional about supporting the next generation of farmers by sharing and developing farming skills among apprentices, volunteers, and future farmers.

Our Team is Family

Warren/Mr. High Hog

techy . Photographer . ‘big mon’

I fell in love with computers when I was introduced to the Commodore 64 in high school. Now, after all these years, I am looking at different parts of the farm and how I can integrate technology into our day to day activities. There’s also my love of photography. Today my subjects are our animals and life on the farm. My camera is my lens to document and tell our stories. When I have down time I love watching action movies which include Sci-fi and Kung-Fu and basically anything that explodes.

Keisha/Farm Virgin

Steward . Cultivator . Shepherdess

I am the Lead Cultivator of the farm. I provide much of the creative vision for the farm, our programs, and our community engagement. From sowing indigenous, heirloom crops to exploring Black agrarianism, and ancestral arts, I look to foster growth wherever I can. Whenever I’m not weeding a bed, seeding a tray, or administering care to one of our animals, I am working with the fiber from our lovely rabbits and sheep. Reaching into the historic and cultural roots of spinning and fiber work fuels a unique passion to weave and create our own stories and share them with our community.


Bugs . Bunnies

I’m the resident environmental scientist, performing artist, and aspiring filmmaker. When I’m not in the studio or on-stage, I’m tending the rabbits and educating folks about the plethora of life (especially insects) found around the farm. Event coordinating is a side passion and farm life gives me a chance to bring it all together. Stop by for a field trip sometime and check out our Friends and Foes: Bug Show. Always remember to be kind to spiders… and snakes… and each other!


Alchemist . Handy Man

I am a 19 year old, recent high school graduate, currently finishing a gap year before starting my future as welding and business student. I specialize in many skills and talents such as: blacksmithing, mechanics, woodworking, landscaping, poultry farming, photography, graphic design, football, percussion, and the list goes on! So simply put – but in a fancy way, I am a  bit of a Renaissance Man. Oh, and did I mention, I also cook a fantastic meatloaf!

Zach Attack/Young Kaldi

chef kaldi . goat herder

I am a 16 year old unschooling student. I am in training to become Assistant Farm Manager. I am the farm goat herder and small ruminants guy. During farm days, gatherings, and farm stays, I am head of hospitality and am house sous chef to whichever guests chefs are running the kitchen. Not to toot my own horn, but I specialize in many skills like, swimming, tumbling, cooking, baking, and soapmaking. I have experience in coaching people of all ages and am a certified lifeguard. I plan on swimming in college and studying sports nutrition.

Now that you’ve met the family…

Meet the Breeds

Learn more about the animals that are a part of our farm family.