Ours is an extraordinary community and we are honored to have an incredible network of people and organizations with which we work toward realizing the dream of the “beloved community”. Our programs are collaborative and focus on creating a space for healing, growth and belonging.


Learning and growing together


I am what I am because of who we all are.”

The Ubuntu: Community Cultivation Program is our signature community-building program, designed to help individuals develop a stronger sense of belonging and well-being within a diverse community. Over the course of this 6-month intensive program, with the farm as our backdrop, participants are challenged and supported as they work, study, grow, and “do life” together; addressing the historic and contemporary influences of systemic racism and “othering”, which act as barriers to our humanity. Through our unique hands-on approach, combining personal leadership, community-development, and sustainable food practices we help foster each participant’s growth as agents of change – creating a sustainable community-oriented vision of our way forward.

Join us as we help cultivate an equitable and inclusive community – equipping you to better relate to others and ultimately the world at large.

Cooking and Homesteading Classes 

Food shapes who we are, shows us where we came from, and gives us a glimpse into our future. Tune it to watch featured videos from The Exchange farm kitchen and good food travels, where we dine and discover memories, stories, and recipes shared with friends old and new.

Your health is important – mind, body and spirit.

We started this group for fitness enthusiasts and folk interested in claiming their best health. We are happy to provide space for quality and cost effective physical activities led by various instructors. Classes are hosted outdoors, during good weather – here on the farm. We offer many different styles of exercise for anyone interested in trying something new: i.e. yoga, self-defense, pilates, salsa, tai chi, and more to come.

Dialogue and storytelling gatherings

Dialogue and storytelling gatherings

Celebrating sistahood.

Soul Food Circles are a dynamic, transformational space dedicated to nurturing the hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits of Women of Color, encouraging health, healing and well-being through creativity, sisterhood, and support.

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“All things with which we deal preach to us. What is a farm but a mute gospel?”


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